• Business Startup Package: business registration, legal documents, articles of incorporation, stock certificate, etc. Includes a tax analysis and its implications.
  • Service Package for Small Business: Includes Accounting and Financial Statements, Personal and Business Taxes and Payroll.
    Financial Audit: How to put together the requirements of Banks and Government offices.
  • IRS Solutions: We represent you during and IRS Audit, we solve all kinds of problems with the IRS.
  • Business Consulting: Includes installation and training of accounting software, financial statements, business plan, loan application assistance, etc.

It doesn’t matter to us if your business is small or big, your needs will be responded by an expert advisor with personalized attentions and innovative solutions.


  •  The Quality and Expertise of a Licensed CPA
  •  Personal care, more and better communication
  •  Less IRS problems and less chances of been audited
    Less Fiscal Problems
  •  Confidentiality and Professional Ethics
  •  Advise to help you manage your business and to grow faster