Fernando Perez Rivera

Graduated from the prestigious Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México as Public Accountant and with experience in General Accounting, Fiscal and Financial Auditing.

Worked as auditor for 15 years and as general accountant in the private industry for 10 years, he relocated to the U.S. where has a practice of 15 years as business advisor, account and tax preparer in Minneapolis, MN, with vast experience in sales taxes.

Have worked for very prestigious firms and finally in 2009 open his own office of accounting and tax preparation.

Fernando is the right person if you need advice on business and tax management.


Loreto Ramirez

She got her bachelor in engineering in the University of Chile in Santiago. Studied English at the St. Paul Technical College in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Loreto has more than 10 years working with the Hispanic community, she has worked as interpreter, legal assistant and clerical, she has experience with the management side of the businesses.

Loreto currently works as bookkeeper helping clients with the labors of entering Accounting data.


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